• Ishrat Ahmed

Ishrat is an aspiring writer interested in fiction and popular culture as well as in literary criticism and academia. She works and lives in London. 

SALADE n°0, Glass

  • Katarina Rankovic

Katarina is a London-based fine artist and writer concerned with wriggling into her own work and wearing it like a second skin. She works in jealous drawings, a one-woman empathy circus, a novel about a ‘lethargic line’ and fake Youtube tutorials.

She is currently studying for an MA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins.

SALADE n°0, Human Crayon

  • Tony Rickaby

Tony’s conceptual works, installations and paintings have been shown throughout Europe and the US. His current practice concerns historical and autobiographical reflections on parts of South London, where he lives. He has written for Anderbo, Aspidistra, Athregeum, Dark Sky, Fox Chase Review, Streetcake, Whistling Fire, Ditch, Word Riot, and produced animations and visual poems for Altered Scale, Counterexample Poetics, Drunken Boat, Locus Novus, Otholiths, Suss and Toad.

SALADE n°0, Partition

  • Daniel Jenkin-Smith 

Daniel is a writer from the Midlands. He has lived in Liverpool and Lyon, and recently obtained a Master’s degree in English and Comparative Literature from the University of Warwick. He is currently based in Birmingham, UK.

SALADE n°0, Nous sont des autres

  • Vanesa Iglesias Casal 

Vanesa was born in Santiago de Compostela, Spain in 1987. She studied History of Art before pursuing a MA in Contemporary Art and Critical Theory. She considers herself to be a narrator of short stories in which she tries to convey the beauty and the deeper meaning of ordinary lives. She cites cinema and songwriters as her main influences, and refers to Roberto Bolaño, Carver, Jack Kerouac and Paul Auster as her favourite authors. Some of her works can be found in the recollection Amateurs (2012) alongside other writers’ and she regularly contributes to several Spanish independent art and culture magazines. She is currently based in Galicia where she works as a picture framer when she does not find herself writing or reading.

Her website

SALADE n°0, Polvo bajo mis costillas, Ansiedade

  • Alessandro Altobello

Based in Milan, Italy and born in 1984, Alessandro has always enjoyed writing short novels, reviews and scripts for the most part. He also loves to travel and meet other cultures.

His website

SALADE n°0, Che giornata

  • Erica Lindberg

Erica is a passionate wannabe-writer studying English and American Literature. She is also a sucker for travelling, and preferably over her budget. She is currently trying to stop saying ‘Huh?’ even when she has heard what the other person has said. She is not a fan of bad habits, especially when they are ever so slightly rude.

SALADE n°0, The Salad

  • Jean-François Magre

Jean-François (b. 1972) is a writer and filmmaker based in Toulouse, France.

His website

SALADE n°0, L’os dans le nez (extrait)

  • Samantha Harvey

Samantha is a photographer who just completed a MA in Photography at Central Saint Martins in London where she currently resides. Her work is featured as a bookmark on the cover as well as inside our first recollection in the form of film stills.

SALADE n°0, The Moment We Are Blind, Shiver